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Obesity rates in adults continue to rise and effective treatment programs with a broad reach are urgently required.This paper describes the study protocol for a web-based randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a commercially available program for overweight and obese adult males and females.Meet Jessy Lipke, Founder of The Power Girl Fitness Revolution.

Overweight and obese adult males and females were stratified by gender and BMI and randomly assigned to one of three groups for 12-weeks: waitlist control, or basic or enhanced online weight-loss.She has studied the workout programs of many of the industry leaders in personal training and fitness.In doing so, she has learned many of the secrets and techniques used by top trainers to achieve amazing results.Details of the methodological aspects of recruitment, inclusion criteria, randomization, intervention programs, assessments and statistical analyses are described.Importantly, this paper describes how an RCT of a currently available commercial online program in Australia addresses some of the short falls in the current literature pertaining to the efficacy of web-based weight loss programs.

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